Have everything? Are you well informed? Have a good trip!

If you are already on holiday in your thoughts - then we have put together a short holiday checklist together for you:

  • Passport or identity card (renew it far enough in advance if necessary)
  • Observe entry requirements - www.auswaertiges-amt.de
  • Pack a portable medicine chest (flu medicine, painkillers, etc.)
  • Observe vaccination regulations - www.tropeninstitut.de/
  • Take out foreign health insurance (recommended)
  • Electric adapter for plugs for electric toothbrushes, razors etc. - recommended for overseas travel!
  • Please observe your airline's luggage requirements
  • Exchange foreign currency
  • EC card and credit card
  • Camera, memory card, battery packs and suitable battery chargers
  • Redirect newspaper subscriptions to iPad, give them away to your nice neighbours for the time you are away or interrupt service.
  • Our tip: simply leave valuables at home

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