The Scharf fleet at a glance

All buses are not created equal. Because every bus trip has its own standards of vehicle performance. And every passenger has special wishes and needs which we are glad to accommodate. Comfort and security are always part of the journey when you ride with Scharf.

Whether it's a school bus, shuttle bus, tour bus, party bus, luxury liner or public bus:
sometimes you want that little extra. See for yourself!

Scharf buses for public services

Our Scharf buses have seats, standing room, comfortable entry - even for wheelchair users - and of course environmentally-friendly motors for scheduled services, shuttle or intercity travel. The pram or wheelchair spaces are a seamless part of our well-thought out spatial concept.

The Scharf-Party bus

You can party in and around the bus - up to a maximum of 37 people in the bus during a party tour and up to several hundred people for a party around the bus - with a beer tap and biergarten "to go".

Good to know:
thanks to an integrated emergency generator, the party bus can also be operated on an open field.


The Scharf oldtimer bus fleet

Sit back and relax while you travel with the charm of the 50s with up to 34 people in our oldtimer buses Daimler Benz O321H from 1956 or our Kässbohrer Setra S10 from 1967. They are also ideal for excursions, weddings, corporate events, club tours and as film sets!

Oldtimer-Bus Daimler Benz


Our buses according to seating capacity:

  • Double-decker(81/85)
  • Long-distance (32-58)
  • Tour (50-63)
  • Intercity (44-55)
  • City line (42-46)
  • Articulated bus (54-75)
  • Midi-bus (17-32)
  • Minibus (8)
  • Limousine (2-7)




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